Fantasy Music Wizard, Christopher Caouette

Did you know you’d be going to a movie theater today? No? Yes, yes, you are

CHRISTOPHER'S music will relax, inspire, uplift, and transport you far off into another realm.


He is a US-based composer with a strong sense of musical storytelling combining Celtic, World, Electronic, and Classical influences that weave grand stories in your imagination.  “Epic Fantasy New Age” is the term Christopher uses to describe his overall style.  As heard on his many releases, it is a fresh mix of orchestral, Celtic, and New Age music influenced heavily by the film and game industry.


Christopher's fourth release, “Alandar” was voted into the TOP 5 “Best Neo-Classical and Electronic Album of 2009” by Zone Music Reporter, the top trade magazine for New Age and World music.  Throughout his career, he has composed scores for video games, computer animation films, and two full Irish step dance productions.


Caouette, classically trained in piano, has been creating his style of New Age Soundtracks since 1986.  In 2001 he signed with Etherean Music for the release of his first two albums, then later formed his artist-owned label, Inner Force Music (IFM).


He is primarily a solo act but collaborates with great talent like Juno-nominated artist Lindsay Schoolcraft.


To date, Christopher has released nine albums of original music, which can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Bandcamp, Pandora, and other streaming platforms.

Each album, or collection of them, tells a particular story that transports the listener to the world he's created.


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Music From Upcoming Release: Tale of the Oakenwish

Music From Previous Releases:

What the Professionals Say:

"From soft, romantic ballads to full progressive electronic celebrations, this is music for riding dragons. Listen to this music on headphones and imagine soaring through the clouds on a moonlit night."

~Steve Ryals of New Age Retailer

“It currently is one of my favorite CDs"

~Linda of KRCB Radio (Alandar Release)

“I personally love this artists work. Have two Cd's in my private collection."

~Nadine of KZUM Radio

"Stunning! Chris's music has everything from Vangelis to Kitaro and what’s between these

~Tim Van Veen of Radio SLOR

Fantasy Music Wizard, Christopher Caouette
Fantasy Music Wizard, Christopher Caouette

What His Fans Say: